Meeting Minutes: January 20, 2012

With gratitude to our club secretary, Sophia, here are the minutes from the general meeting on January 20,  2012. (Please forgive the formatting. I will be working creating an “easier to read format” for future posts.)

Starting Time: 4:30

Attendance:  (I didn't see the Attendance Sheet. Next time,I'll be
sure to put it down. My apologies) By my count,we had 17 members  and 7 parents. --M.L.

Special Guests: Parents

Pledges : Brianna MacLean

Clover Bud Volunteer: None

Old Business: Community Service books for Mongolia.  Ideas for a  Community Service project for our troops to be discussed at the   next meeting.

New Business: Bring in books for Americans for Mongolia, 4H blog, 5th meeting of the year, discussing Project activity log, worked  on activity log, went over project lists.

Next Meeting: February 17

Snack Duty: MacLeans

End Time: 5:13
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