Meeting Agendas: Sept. 2012-March 2013

Hello, Broomfield Red & Yellow 4-H’ers!

We have had a busy year thus far, but as many of you returning members already know, and you new members are about to find out, we are heading into the busy season of 4-H. With project books finally in hands and archery practices about to get started, NOW is the time to make sure you have your books ready to go and updated.

To help you start those record books, I’ve provided a summary of all the meetings we’ve had thus far this year. (Sept. to March) Additionally, this blog will be updated at the end of each month with the current month’s meeting agendas, as well as any other club information such as committee reports and external opportunities. However, there may be other updates to this blog in addition to photos, etc. Please, if you are not yet subscribed to this blog (via email) please subscribe!

Therefore, with no further ado:

September 19, 2012: Year End Celebration

October 5, 2012: New Family Kick-Off

October 19, 2012: Registration procedures, Officer position descriptions, Jeffco Fun Shoot

November 16, 2012: Officer elections, Holiday party planning

December 14, 2012: Holiday Party!!

January 18, 2013: Ice breaker, LDC, Committee sign ups, Senate update, Treasurer update, policy & paperwork reviews

February 1, 2013: Ice breaker, LDC Re-cap, Committee updates, Senate update, Treasurer update, book update

March 15, 2013: Ice breaker, Senate update, Committee break-outs, book distributions


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