Updates and Important Links

Hello, everyone!

Want to be sure you all your “i’s” dotted and “t’s” crossed? Have questions about what the judges will be looking for when they judge your project? Whether it’s your first year in 4-H or your 5th, be sure to check out all these links; these are key to your success!

Now, I’ll bet your were thinking you would be seeing last month’s meeting agendas here. Well, you can find them on this blog, but you need to look at the previous post which I’ve simply updated (later today.) However, please note: These are only for your own information to know what is going on with YOUR club. (Meeting attendance is no longer tracked in record books.)

I will regularly update the post entitled “Agendas” to reflect the previous month’s key agenda topics. I am trying to keep this blog “decluttered” to make it easy to find the information you need and I am always open to suggestions!

Thanks, all!

State Fair Score Sheets (Categorized by project–Scoring is now weighted as 25% on your book, 75% on your project. The specific categories in your record books will now be scored as either “complete” or “incomplete” only.):

CO State Fair Exhibit Requirements:


2013 State Fair Contest Requirements:


CO Shooting Sports Site (All the info you need for opportunities and events related to archery and other shooting sports. You don’t need to be a member of the archery team to take part in many of the activities.):


Directions to the new record book (Note: there is no longer a separate place for goals to be listed, however they should still be set as they are to be discussed in the “4-H Story.”):


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